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Oh, y'all. It was a March, wasn't it? So first and foremost I just want to say that Melanie and I hope you're well and the people you love are well. It may take us a little while to get to the other side of this thing, but I believe we're all gonna love each other well and get through it. So hang in there.

On this episode we talk about what we've been doing during this past week of social distancing, and we also talk to one of our very favorite Twitter follows, Karen Howell. Here's what you need to know about Karen: she is hilarious. Also, she and I grew up in Mississippi towns that are a couple of hours apart, so our accents are really similar, and I got super tickled when I was editing because I'll tell you what does not fade as you get older: a Mississippi accent. :-) 

Anyway, we hope this episode makes you laugh, and by the way, HANG IN THERE, all you mamas who are handling remote learning for your kids (and all you mamas who have been teaching your kids for years). We're cheering you on!

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Show Notes:

- Gen X was made for this moment in time

- Karen Howell on Twitter


- Tiger King (just FYI - it's hard to watch - I got to episode three and had to take a breather - and it's definitely not for kids)

- Little Fires Everywhere

- Hometown

- Making the Cut

- On the Bright Side

- Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor

- Leanne Morgan is hilarious

- Ben Rector's cover songs

- Bethany Bordeaux's violin concerts

30 Rock


- Magic Spoon (promo code BIGBOO for free shipping)

- YogaSleep (use this link for 20% off)

- OpenFit (text BigBoo to 505050 for a 14-day free trial)

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