The Big Boo Cast
Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

Well, our good friend Travis Cottrell is back with us this week, and oh, do we have a fine time. However, since y'all know how we like to pride ourselves on technological excellence, you might as well be aware that apparently my microphone wasn't completely plugged in for this episode. So be forewarned that I sound considerably more tin-ny than normal. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED, however, because Melanie and Travis managed to get their microphones connected and it all works out fine in the end.

On this episode we talk about our sleeping preferences (pillows, comforter weight, side of bed, etc.) and prove once and for all that Melanie and I are not low-maintenance individuals. Melanie also shares her surefire method for hacking hotel thermostats, and my enthusiasm for this bit of information probably reveals more about me than I'd like. We also answer more of your questions and cover a whole lot of conversational ground (you have never seen three people agonize more over their hypothetical guests to a hypothetical dinner party than we do).

Plus, Neil Diamond shows up. Please do enjoy.

Here's where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:


- The Office

- Peace Like A River

- Friday Night Lights

- The Great British Baking Show

- Angela Cottrell's Chocolate Gravy

- Amy Grant's Lead Me On

- Whitney: Can I Be Me

- Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy

- Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

- The Popcast Live Show in Chicago (we can't wait!)

- Closing Song 1

- Closing Song 2

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- Schneider. You're welcome.


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