The Big Boo Cast
Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

It's a big week in the life of our little podcast, primarily because on this particular episode Melanie commits to trying a recipe that will require her to deal with raw chicken. 


We also talk about our latest quarantine-ish developments (that is to say: what we've watched on TV / pondered in the stillness of our hearts), and we share some Mother's Day gift ideas. This might be helpful to you if 1) you have no idea what to buy your mom and/or mother-in-law or 2) you need to print out a list for your people, along with maybe a subtle note that HERE IS WHAT YOU TURKEYS CAN PURCHASE FOR ME IN ORDER TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION.

However you feel like you should address that is totally up to you.

Hope y'all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

- Samin Nosrat's Buttermilk Brined Chicken

- Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix

- a basic, reliable meat thermometer

- Alexia Potato Puffs

- Hazel's new dog bed

- Olive & June Manicure Kits (free shipping with code BOOTCAMP)

- Large Hammock Swinging Chair

- Folding Rocking Chair

- Between You & Me wooden signs 

- AirPod Pros ($25 off at Verizon - but you won't see the discount. until you put them in your cart)

- Rifle Paper Co. AirPod Pros cases

- Melanie's Ultimate Country Music Playlist

- Women's Kimono Robe

- Vuori joggers (20% off if you sign up for emails)

- Big Boo Too Box at Hummingbird Farms (promo code MOM20 for an additional 20% off any gift set)

- Pura Smart Home Diffuser Set


- Storyworth (promo code BIGBOO for $10 off your first purchase)

- Magic Spoon (promo code BIGBOO for free shipping)


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In this week's episode we talk about the return of summertime heat to San Antonio (you can easily imagine Melanie's joy) as well as our shared delight at a recent GMA Deal of the Day. We also discuss the latest developments in our television-watching careers, and we may spend a significant amount of time recapping the first episode of the new season of The Real Housewives of New York.

All I'm saying is that it brought us some happiness.

And if that weren't enough (well, I mean, it really wasn't enough, but just go with me on the figure of speech), we provide updates on the current state of our pandemic hair - along with some possible solutions because ROOTS.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Show Notes:

- Melanie's (potential) Amazon pool

- Susie Davis

- Sunday Riley Good Genes

- Sunday Riley Vitamin C Serum

- The Hunters on Amazon

- Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu

- The Real Housewives of New York

- The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

- Kristin Ess hair gloss

- Bumble + Bumble hair powder

- Patreon episode with Caroline and Alex

- Sophie's folding chair

- Melanie's Taylor Wolfe sweatshirt


- The Relief Products (use promo code BIGBOO at checkout for 50% off your order)

- OpenFit (text BigBoo to 505050 for 14-day trial)

- Scentbird (use promo code BIGBOO for 30% off your first order)

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By the time this episode releases, most of us will have been affected / impacted / sidelined / challenged by the quarantine for a full month. If you're in other parts of the world, it may have been longer for you. So given the fact that we have now been wearing (mostly) pajamas and workout clothes for the better part of thirty days, Melanie and I thought we would discuss one of our favorite topics: items that bring us comfort.

And let me just assure you: a couple of Enneagram 9s know about some comfort. The pursuit of comfort is one of our spiritual gifts. :-) 

All that to say: the show notes are really long because clearly we have been figuring out how to be really comfortable. But we hope you enjoy, and we hope you're well - and for those of you on the front lines of this particular battle, know that we are deeply grateful.

Take care, everybody!

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Show Notes:

- Floofy coffee

- Jo Malone Shower Gel - Lime, Basil & Mandarin (I bought it on sale; couldn't find anywhere it's currently on sale)

- Essential oils

- Hummingbird Farms Lavender Hand Soap

- Hummingbird Farms Lavender Citrus Heavy Cream

- Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil

- Hummingbird Farms Essential Lavender Oil

- Tan Luxe The Butter lotion

- Things I Bought and Liked on Instagram

- "Use Tootie!"

- Brooks Greenlight Capri tights (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH - and I buy them on sale)

- Brooks Adrenaline running shoes (and last year's Adrenalines on sale)

- Adidas Ultra Boost

- Publix croissant bread

- Julian's Pretzel Bread

- Palmetto Pimento Cheese with JalapeƱos

- My Three Sons Spicy Pimento Cheese

- Sophie's favorite Wusthof knife

- The best carrot cake recipe ever

- Gran Jan's chocolate cobbler

- Melanie's Country Classic Spotify Playlist

- Sophie's Great Big Praise Playlist on Spotify

- Sophie's Great Big Praise Playlist on Apple Music

- Jonathan McReynolds' Make More Room (Live)

Leslie Jordan's Instagram

- HomeTop Memory Foam Houseslippers

- Kathleen Jennings Beauty on Instagram

- The Ordinary Peeling Solution


- YogaSleep (promo code BIGBOO for 20% off)

- Magic Spoon (promo code BIGBOO for free shipping)

- The Relief Products (promo code BIGBOO for 50% off your order; offer expires June 1st)

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As you might imagine, life has been a mile a minute during the past week of Pandemic '20. We've been to the grocery store, we've been to the drugstore, and we have even cooked some meals. There's just so much to share!

Thankfully, though, a slower pace doesn't stop us from being fascinated with the most inconsequential things. That's why this week we have a lot of thoughts about what shows to watch, we have a lot of thoughts about what it's like at grocery stores these days, and we (well, I) have a lot of thoughts about the finest sports bra I have ever owned. 

Also. Right after I edited this episode it dawned on me that there was an important pop culture development we neglected to discuss, so we called on our friend Erin Moon and broke that thing right on down. That's why you'll find about 15-ish minutes of extra content at the end of the regular episode. Now isn't that more fun? Just more fun!

Hope y'all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

- Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic

- Unorthodox

- Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor

- Sherlock

- Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

- Veronica Mars

- Cheer

- The Good Place

- Mad Men

- The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show

- Friday Night Lights

- The Mindy Project

- Four Weddings and a Funeral

- Little Fires Everywhere

- Dead to Me

- Schitt's Creek

- Jane the Virgin

- Hart of Dixie

- The Newsroom

- Succession

- The Handmaid's Tale

- The Office

- 30 Rock

- Elomi Energise Sports Bra 

- oaskys King Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

- 600-Thread-Count Pure White King Size Sateen Sheets

- Kirkland Signature 680 Thread Count Sheet Set

- John Krasinski with the cast of Hamilton on Some Good News

- Our beloved friend (and favorite Hamilton expert) Erin Moon

- Erin does great work with our friends Knox and Jamie at The Popcast


- Pine Cove (use code BIGBOO250 for $250 off a first-time registration for overnight camp)

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Oh, y'all. It was a March, wasn't it? So first and foremost I just want to say that Melanie and I hope you're well and the people you love are well. It may take us a little while to get to the other side of this thing, but I believe we're all gonna love each other well and get through it. So hang in there.

On this episode we talk about what we've been doing during this past week of social distancing, and we also talk to one of our very favorite Twitter follows, Karen Howell. Here's what you need to know about Karen: she is hilarious. Also, she and I grew up in Mississippi towns that are a couple of hours apart, so our accents are really similar, and I got super tickled when I was editing because I'll tell you what does not fade as you get older: a Mississippi accent. :-) 

Anyway, we hope this episode makes you laugh, and by the way, HANG IN THERE, all you mamas who are handling remote learning for your kids (and all you mamas who have been teaching your kids for years). We're cheering you on!

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Show Notes:

- Gen X was made for this moment in time

- Karen Howell on Twitter


- Tiger King (just FYI - it's hard to watch - I got to episode three and had to take a breather - and it's definitely not for kids)

- Little Fires Everywhere

- Hometown

- Making the Cut

- On the Bright Side

- Leaving Church by Barbara Brown Taylor

- Leanne Morgan is hilarious

- Ben Rector's cover songs

- Bethany Bordeaux's violin concerts

30 Rock


- Magic Spoon (promo code BIGBOO for free shipping)

- YogaSleep (use this link for 20% off)

- OpenFit (text BigBoo to 505050 for a 14-day free trial)

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