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Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

We didn't have what I would call a *hard* outline when we started recording this episode, but oh my goodness we had us some laughs. We talk about Caroline's first day of 11th grade and the fact that her school now has a coffee bar, we break down some of our thoughts about Southern Charm, and we get very tickled talking about Melanie's potential plans when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

We also discuss communication strategies with teenagers and some of our menu options now that our kids are back in school. You might notice that Melanie's hair brushes against the microphone a lot in this episode (we've since talked about it and secured a supply of hair ties for the next time we record), but all is forgiven because when we talk about skincare she makes up an entirely new word and uses it with authority.

This is all I could ever ask of my podcasting partner.

Please do enjoy.

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Show Notes:

- Southern Charm

- Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Enchiladas

- Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich

- Family Savvy's Baked Ziti

- Naked 2 Basics Palette

- Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette

- Milani Soft Focus Glow Complexion Enhancer

- Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Hydration Cream

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