The Big Boo Cast
Authors / speakers Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson - also known as Big Mama and BooMama on their blogs - talk about all the important stuff: faith, family, friends, football, fashion, and food. Plus, of course, their hair.

Well, well, well. This is our 100th episode of The Big Boo Cast, and it only took us 11-ish years to get to this point.

Try not to be overwhelmed by our frenzied pace.

Anyway, on this episode we talk about Spring Break travels, our sassy new podcast t-shirt, and a few new beauty favorites. There are also several moments where we laugh until we wheeze.

So, you know, pretty much the usual.

Thanks so much for being such faithful listeners, everybody. You're the best!

Hope you enjoy episode 100!

Here's where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

The Popcast Live Show

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

NCAA Women's Final Four - Columbus, Ohio

NCAA Men's Final Four - San Antonio, Texas

Our very fun playlists in episode 98 and episode 99

"Blame It On The Boogie"

100th Episode Celebration Mash-Up by podcast listener Jen (we DIED when we heard this)

Episode 1 of The Big Boo Cast

Special 100th Episode T-shirt from Milk & Honey Tees

Collagen Powder Peptides 16oz Unflavored Hydrolyzed Collagen Grass-Fed Non-GMO Kosher Easy Mix Drink

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Yves Saint Laurent The Shock Mascara

Gumbo Unplugged by PJ Morton on Apple Music

Gumbo Unplugged by PJ Morton on Spotify

"Is He Worthy" by Andrew Peterson on Apple Music

"Is He Worthy" by Andrew Peterson on Spotify


KIND Snack Club

Bissell Bark Bath

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